Eighteen years old, pack member of Lupus, closed


Naomi’s life before becoming a wolf was rather peaceful and content. Her parents were dentists and tried for years to have a child when Naomi finally came around. They were overjoyed to have a child after trying for so long. While many expected Naomi to grow up spoiled because her parents had wanted her for so long and she was their only child, Naomi grew up quite humble. Her parents taught her to be grateful for what she had and help those who needed it if she could give her help to others. A bright child, Naomi grew into a polite young girl who wasn’t meek in her demeanor but rather reserved and poised. And when spoken to Naomi was extremely bright for her age. She had a thirst for knowledge and her parents only helped fuel this desire wanting Naomi to have the world when she grew up. And the world is what Naomi dreamed of having once she graduated high school and went through college. 

While Naomi loved books, she always loved to go outdoors and learn things first hand and with experience. She was often found in the woods behind the Ryder’s backyard, and as she grew into a teenager she ventured farther and farther into the woods - having the courage that rivaled many in Florence. As she went through the first three years of high school it was clear that Naomi was going to graduate at the top of their class and while many tried to out do her, Naomi always came out on top. She eagerly did her homework whenever she got home, enjoying it completely even math (which was her weakest subject). But partly she got it done so quickly to go out and explore farther and farther into the woods behind her home. Unfortunately for her, the bravery and curiosity and desire to learn more about the world and woods around her became her downfall. 

It was February and Naomi had been out in the woods again - the farthest she’d ever been before when she saw the wolf. At first she was frightened, but then she grew excited. She’d never seen a wolf up close before and began to edge closer to the wolf. Unfortunately for her, the wolf was Delia Hayes and she was in a particularly violent mood that day in the woods. And once Delia saw Naomi, she attacked the girl. Luckily or unluckily for Naomi depending on how one views it, Delia was interrupted by another pack member and they left Naomi in the middle of the woods in bloodied snow. Delia had assumed the girl died from bleeding out into the snow, but a month later a new wolf appeared in the Lupus pack and she knew it was the girl. Angered that she missed an opportunity to recruit a new pack member, Delia Hayes keeps an eye on Naomi Ryder in hopes she can swoop in the persuade the girl to join Wolfus instead. Naomi however, has no thoughts of ever leaving Lupus. To Naomi, Lupus is her home, her extended family she never realized she was missing.


Quick witted and intelligent, Naomi Ryder is easily considered the brightest girl to live in Florence. Though she is most definitely humble about it, never one to brag about her GPA or grades. Poised and polite, Naomi has easily won over the hearts of everyone in town. However, sometimes Naomi can become a little too bossy and this part of her tends to come out when she is thrown into group projects in classes. She’s a natural leader though she doesn’t actively seek leadership out. Naomi tends to best when on her own and often growing up couldn’t maintain friendships because she’d rather be alone or in a small group of people most of the time. 

“Learning is everything to me.”

Naomi Ryder looks a lot like Shelley Hennig
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