Please follow our new page.

After a lot of thought and discussion on my part, Selena's part, and many of the members who were in the AIM chat parts we have decided to do a Frostbite 2.0. 

There were many things and characters that we didn't want to let go of part one of this roleplay, but six months into the roleplay it felt as though things had come to an end between the hunters and all the character deaths. 

So, we have decided to reboot part one, but add a twist. Instead of being purely a werewolf rp we will be adding other supernatural creatures into the mix in Frostbite 2.0. But these supernatural creatures will not be the cliches of supernatural rps like vampires, faeries, sirens, etc. Instead we will be diving into mythology and digging up unique and not often seen supernatural creatures. These creatures will include: banshees, shades, norns, nymphs, and very possibly elementals. Emissaries will still be apart of the roleplay and perhaps spirit walkers who are connect to the souls of the living. 

To follow us as we edit and reboot Frostbite please follow the new page page here. There is no opening date set so far as we set things up, create new pages and lore/information pages, write new characters. 

However, if you are/were a member of this roleplay and would like to bring your character into Frostbite 2.0 please message us at the NEW main (not this one) so we make sure your character is posted and you are able to continue to roleplay as them. 

So without further ado this Frostbite is officially closed and the new Frostbite is currently in the works so please follow us at our new page! Thank you. :)